Water Management Development
             in Latin America

Since 1993, Grevson International Water has been providing services in Irrigation and Water Management Development in Latin America.  Our company has developed markets for water related products in Latin America and the Caribbean, from large projects for mechanized agricultural irrigation systems in Argentina and Brazil, to full development of watering systems for PGA golf courses in Mexico, to development and implementation of soil and water management systems in Chile and the Caribbean, and large scale telemetry and monitoring projects throughout the region.

Grevson International Water is involved in the following markets:

-Agricultural irrigation and water infrastructure, from pump to measurement to sprinkler to drip. 

-Ag watering systems from basic flood irrigation to mechanized irrigation and drip

-Municipal water, from source, filtration, treatment, to final consumer and its measuement of consumption

-Water Management in Golf, Parks, other green areas

-Hydraulic Infrastructure including valves, connections, adapters, etc.

-Filtration systems for Agriculture and Municipal and Potable Water

-Pumping units both diesel and electric, centrifugal, submersible, and turbine pumps, and specialized pumps for water and harsh liquid management

-Well management and monitoring

-Other related items
Our Regional Focus

Our focus is in Latin America, in the development of its hydraulic infrastructure to how the water is applied in the field, at home, or in industry. We have projects and installations in almost every single country in Latin America, and are constantly contributing to the efficiency of water and liquid management in Latin America.