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Traveller Irrigation

Grevson Water is the exclusive distributor for Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America for Cadman Power, the largest manufacturer of Travellers in North America and one of the biggest in the world.

Mechanized Irrigation using travelling guns is an efficient and cost effective way to resolve your irrigation needs. Travellers have many advantages including: 

        -lower labor costs vs. other irrigation systems                  -computerized control for more efficiency and control
        -ability to irrigate any type of crop with no restrictions    -irrigate any and all odd shaped fields
        -very cost effective from 5 to 60 ha.                                     -can apply water that has some solids with no filtration
        -easy installation and maintenance                                      -range from 1  to 100 ha/machine

Cadman also offers the Briggs Boom System, converting a traveler to a system that has the efficiency and uniformity of water application similar to center pivots or drip irrigation, with less problems of repairs, safety, and ease of use.

Cadman also offers a complete line of Products to handle waste water, manure, vinaza, and other harsh liquids.