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Valve Boxes/Utility Vaults

Valve Boxes are often used in turf irrigation applications to protect the valve when placed in the ground, for easy access and protection of the valve.  They are also used for protecting water meters in the ground, or anything else that needs to be placed in the ground and protected.

Oldcastle is the world's largest company in the manufacturing and distribution of these types of products.  With small round plastic boxes of 6 inches, to concrete vaults the size of a small building Oldcastle has the option you need. Oldcastle offers Carson plastic boxes, Synertech Poly Concrete, and Christy Concrete boxes, as well as Oldcastle Drainage systems.

As the exclusive Representative of Oldcastle in Latin America, Grevson International Water offers offers the entire line of Carson/Oldcastle for water, irrigation, municpal water, electrical, and telecommunications applications.  Oldcastle offers the best in quality and in variety vs. any and all other brands in the market, due to manufacturing capacity, methods, material quality, and service.

Oldcastle offers the following Products:

-Casrson Plastic Valve Boxes and Water Meter Boxes, both economical and heavy duty
-Fiberlyte Boxes for heavier loads (Patented Material Product from Oldcastle)
-Polymer Concrete Boxes for Heavy Duty Use at less cost vs. Cement
-Concrete Boxes and Vaults
-EcoPads, Pads used for supporting items like Air Conditioners, GenSets, other items
-Light Duty Drainage line for pools, commercial centers, hotels, parking lots, and other uses

Carson Plastic Boxes are made of HDPE material, the great majority virgin material, in a slow injection process that creates a box that is up to 50% stronger than the competition, and with UV inhibitors that expand the life use of the product up to  300% more than the competition.