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Water/Liquid Flow Measurement Instruments

Grevson International Water offers a variety of instruments to measure water and liquid flow in many situations.  Grevson offers a variety of options to measure liquid flow, small or large volume, from mechanical, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic.


Seametrics is a leader in precise water measurement with electromagnetic flowmeters from 1" to more than 48", flanged and insertion.  Seametrics also offers the ability to monitor information with dataloggers and telemetry for small and large projects, and can measure from water to more harsh liquids that other instruments cannot do.

Flowave offers Doppler technology for sewage and other drainage systems, as well as for open channel measurement.  With over 30 years experience and installations all over the world, Flowav offers permanent and portable options.

ELIS is one of the premier manufacturers in Europe of Ultrasonic (and Electromagnetic) Flowmeters for more than 20 years.  With European and International Certifications for Potable Water use, Elis offers options from 1 to 48" in flanged units.  It also offers FLODAT, a PLC/Datalogger for its meters as well as for other brands of meters to connect to telemetry with Modbus and using GSM for data access.  

Ultrasonic/Doppler Meters offer advantages other meters do not have, such as working in any and all kinds of different liquids without the worry of Conductivity of the liquid, not having to be water, or worry about outside electrical interference that could affect measurement.


McCrometer offers the best in quality and precision in the Mechanical Meter market.  With saddle mounted or flange mounted meters, McCrometer offers options from 3" to more than 24" in size, and other sizes if needed.

Portable Utra Sonic Meters

For pipe from 2 to 20" in diameter, and with any type of material for the pipe, the Sound water ORCAS is portable, economical, and can measure a variety of different liquids, in a portable or permanent fashion.  And with the use of your smart phone, you have instant flow and total rates from your meter, as well as a datalogger.