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Well Evaluation and Maintenance

Grevson Water is the exclusive Representative for Laval Underground (Less Brazil).  Laval Underground is
 the first and world leader in the fabrication and sale of systems and instruments that survey wells, mines, or 
any other deep, difficult areas with specialized cameras.  Laval offers systems from 300 to more than 1500 meters
 deep for filming, surveying, recording, and assessing wells and other deep ground perforations.

Laval offers these advantages:

-all in one unit that is fully automatic and portable
-materials used of the highest grade (stainless steel, titanium, kevlar, etc.)
-highest quality survey with cameras both down and sideways, and bright lights
-100% made in the USA

Laval also offers materials to repair wells that have high contents of iron oxide or other organic materials and cleans them to new or, at times, better than new state.


Heron Instruments

Heron Instruments offers a variety of sensors/dataloggers to monitor wells including:  well depth, conductivity, temperature, and other criteria.  It also offers telemetry with Heron technology to connect everything under one control.